To the Editor,

Is it worth what you paid for it, or what someone else paid for it??I am talking about freedom and the fibers of society: respect, dignity, morality, common sense, family and the right to become your best self.?

Have you noticed that there are people and powers that think only they have the right way; and if you fail to stand up and be counted – even if it hurts, you have given it to them??We know, deep inside, that we are unique, significant and of great worth. We each wield great power and influence for good, upon each other. And yet we often chose to become weary with the feelings of insignificants.??May I suggest that while we were “busy” with personal, maybe even selfish distractions; they have walked into our lives and are taking things; one detail at a time.??

So what are we to do? More importantly – what can YOU do??To be blunt! ?To whom it may concern —?get off of your narcissistic, drone rear end and find out who is in your “house” and what are they doing!?Then VOTE! ACT! STAND UP AND BE COUNTED!?Do not be the one, who in future days must respond to questions of inevitable generations:?What was it like??How did it happen??Did you try and stop them???

James B. Parker,

Candidate, ?

Texas House District 10