To the Editor,

As the elections get heated up here in Ellis County we need to make sure we have elected moral, principled and dedicated individuals that will serve the people, not themselves. When there are candidates that have received allegations from many sectors of our community, then voters must question whose best interests are being served?† There are candidates who serve one master or default most questions to one issue only. Unfortunately, some do not even understand Texas culture or southern conservative values.

As a county with a strong political party that received 88.5 percent of the ballots cast last general election, the voters need to select those who will serve the community with conviction and commitment not ego or greed. Sadly, very few presently elected officials rarely if ever attend their party meetings to face their constituents, nor have donated a penny to help sustain the partyís many community programs and operations.

There are many good candidates running who will best serve our communities and our children. Remember a true conservative sees the real world as it truly is, not how they want it to be which is for dreamers and progressive liberals. Every political party in Texas has to accept anyone who desires to run be it a good person with qualifications or not. However, it is up to the voters to determine that individualís moral character and motive behind their run for a political office.

Local voters must understand the bigger picture and the serious threat facing Texas by forces that will shake hands with the devil to win. The enemy is at the gates demanding that we surrender and become our new masters. Despite the many groups within our own party we need to rally around our commonality. What we do not have in common is miniscule compared to the progressive left and their radical cultural changes being forced upon all Americans and Texans.

Politically we need an effective team of moral, principled and dedicated elected office holders who can work together while agreeing to disagree.† A true moral candidate understands humility and that their governing powers are derived from the people. Elected officials need to stand by their words for they will be judged by them on Election Day.

While serving in the Marine Corps, I have learned that if you put the people before yourself then you will always be first in their eyes. As a candidate myself running in this election who has served my country and my conservative principles for over 40 years, I have learned that leadership is earned and is a gift from the people therefore use it wisely.

Leadership requires personal courage, compassion, sacrifice and commitment. But the true leader creates a positive environment of opportunity where teamwork benefits everyone, especially those they took an oath to serve. Teamwork is critical to the Ellis County Party Chairmanís success, a tireless, non-salary job. If my candidacy leads to victory, it would be beneficial if those candidates elected March 4 truly serve not only the conservative philosophy they profess to support, but most importantly the people of Ellis County.

Marty Hiles,

Candidate for Ellis County Republican Party Chairmanship