To the Editor,

We’re getting down to the short rows, an old cotton patch euphemism, in speaking of the 2014 Texas Primary Election contests. Yesteryear’s elections came and went in a single day, as opposed to today’s long (and expensive) Early Voting Period being added on, presumably to entice additional voters into the ballot box. Personally, I think one day was always enough, especially considering the option for absentee voting when a voter would be out of pocket on Election Day. My hunch is that many of the additionally enticed voters would theoretically be of the less informed type, aiding in the reelection of underperformers having the name recognition advantage but, perhaps, having flaws not known by the addition of early, but possibly under-informed voters.

With the convenience factor being what it is, genuinely informed voters are now eager to vote early and get it over with, making my theory not provable, as the uninformed voter is now mixed in with the informed. One clue to the probability of this theory is the presence of 20 and 30 year incumbents who conservative and informed voters have been unable to unseat, knowing the founders never envisioned entrenched elected officials become royalty.

The same is true of multiple term local officials who lust for reelection, power, and ever increasing paychecks and benefits, also having little regard for regular citizenry. That urgently brings the need to impose term limits at the ballot box by informed, conservative voters, but the obstacles now include, in addition to a portion of the uninformed voters, a majority of minority voters, financing thrown in by entrenched politicians, their lackeys, some themselves elected, a sizeable community favoring the entrenched who are known as The Establishment, and a news media all too willing to propagate and publicize anything released by the entrenched political village.

So, it is up to the ever diminishing regular workingman or woman citizen to expose corruption and ineptitude in government, so that enough of those who regularly oppose traditional and genuinely conservative candidates will awaken and be so appalled as to vote with those whom they usually oppose.

With that said, it is time to overturn the current commissioners court, starting with county judge and, in addition, replacing her echo, the Precinct 2 commissioner. Precinct 4 will get a new commissioner, hopefully one who understands the current imbalance in the court and will be independent enough to speak up for his constituents for a change.

My personal choice for a new county judge is Charlie Hatfield, who is from among the people and an underdog, but would be a breath of fresh air in the court. Charlie will not raise our taxes and will support the sheriffs department, rather than antagonizing it. The same would go for the other county departments.

Also, personally, I cannot but be suspicious about those whose names and photographs adorn the big political signs all over the place. By observing those sign’s whereabouts and numerical numbers, it is obvious big financing is coming from somewhere, and by someone who will be expecting returns on their investment, not necessarily in the regular citizens’ favour.

Consider being a part of the commissioner court improvement.

May Yehovah (God in the Bible) bless and be a part of our becoming wisely knowledgeable through Yeshua, the Messiah (Jesus Christ in the same Bible).

Jimmie Simmons,

Pecan Hill/Waxahachie/Forreston