To the Editor,

Life is a series of choices, whether they are made on an individual, organizational or national level. As certain as the laws of physics are immutable, so then is the law of consequences when it comes to making choices.

What are the consequences, then, within a society when it fails to protect the most vulnerable among it? Or, to use a phrase often heard today, what is the “end game” when “the ‘right’ to choose” trumps “the right to life?” What destination will we arrive at when the concept of life as having its origin in God and His endowment of all humankind with it as an inalienable right is jettisoned?

Suppose I were to describe to you a nation that was incinerating aborted babies as “medical waste” and that in some of these instances the by-product was the heating of the very hospitals in which they had been aborted? If you would think I was describing an atrocity of Nazi Germany you would be wrong. This week we learned that such callousness was perpetrated on at least 15,500 babies in modern-day England over the past two years! Such is the ultimate destination of a society that views the unborn as merely fetal material and not a human life.

Now consider that there are approximately 1.21 million abortions in the U.S. each year and ask yourself: Given the attack being waged against the unborn by the leftists in our nation, what do you suppose might be happening to our babies? Could the same be taking place among us?

When there is no respect for life or acknowledgement of its divine origin, then the dignity associated with it dies, and along with it a nation’s humanity and culture. Ultimately, as history has shown, a nation so inclined to treat life so cavalierly will itself eventually die.

A bumper sticker I’ve seen reads, “It’s not a choice — it’s a life,” and there are consequences that cannot be avoided if you do not come down on the side of life. Texas State Senator Brian Birdwell summed this up well in his comments about our Declaration of Independence; that it lists our inalienable rights in the order of priority, namely life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and your right to pursue happiness does NOT give you the liberty to destroy life.

Frank Kuchar,

Arlington, Texas