To the Editor,

I would like to voice my support and appreciation for John Wray for State Representative. I could not think of a better person to represent the people of this area.

I have known John in a both a personal and professional relationship. I have known him to be honest, compassionate, caring and upright. In every aspect of my relationship with him, he has demonstrated concern and I have been at ease with his expertise in each matter. ??

John is a Christian. He has demonstrated to me his care for spiritual values as we have visited about business and personal matters. As Pastor of Forreston Baptist Church I have relied on Johnís knowledge as an attorney and Christian for Church matters. I have grilled him about spiritual matters concerning the city of Waxahachie and events and elections and I promise you his heartís concern is for Christian values. ??

John is a family man. He and Michelle have two beautiful ! children and a beautiful home. He is dedicated to his marriage and to his relationship with his children. He is concerned for his childrenís education and Iím sure he will also be concerned about the education of your children as State Representative. ??

I know him to be a conservative Republican and will support him in any way possible. May I encourage you to support John Wray and cast your vote for him on election day as our new State Representative. ??

H. Lynn Fontenot,