To the Editor,

The primary Race for U.S .House here in District 6 has been largely quiet compared to some of the other primary races. However, I believe that it is one of the most important.

Many people do not know that the United States House of Representatives is the only body within our federal government that has the ability to make a budget or create a tax for our country. Many people do not realize that the same House of Representatives is the only body that can file articles of impeachment. Many people also do not know that the “same” House is the only body of our federal government which is endowed with the ability to create and pass national laws. I know that I wasn’t aware of those things, despite having a college degree!

I learned those things by listening faithfully to Mr. Frank Kuchar.

Mr. Kuchar has expanded my knowledge of the Constitution, and the founding principles which we all desire to see our country return to. Principles like limited government, religious freedom, free market economics, and the right to life at all stages of development.  

Mr. Kuchar is not the same old “Joe,” and I truly believe that he will make a difference for our district, and our country in Washington.

I encourage everyone to join me in voting for a true constitutional conservative in this primary. Let’s make a difference on March 4th, and vote for Frank Kuchar!

Laren Schmude,

Red Oak