To the Editor,

Friends, so many of you are registered to vote, but you donít usually vote in the primary. All Republicans are not the same. You have your (R)epublicans and your (r)epublicans. Both carry the name, but are very different. One wants to go to Austin and keep the same game going. Run things like the previous person who sat in that seat before and maintain the status quo. Even if the previous officeholder ranked with the democrats in terms of being conservative (thatís the (R)epublicans, big government). Some think they are qualified or even deserving of election simply because they wore a uniform. While we should all appreciate the service of our vets, this is a whole different aspect and military service doesnít automatically make you qualified for a seat in the legislature. Letís remember that people like John Kerry, Charlie Rangel and John McCain served in the military Ö but none of them are conservative. Hey, anyone can ďread the manualĒ and spew out good sound bites, but if they lack the deep knowledge of our founding principles that is needed to be a true conservative then they will end up going along to get along (they also fit into the (R)epublican category).

Then, there are people who understand the importance of limited government Ö† the kind of person who devotes years of their life studying history, the writings of great philosophers and freedom fighters and the Constitution. This is the kind of person who understands that if we donít learn from our past, then we are likely to repeat it. This kind of person volunteers hours upon hours of their time to work within their community and even travel to the legislature and help craft and pass the most conservative legislation. This is the kind of person whose passion is to restore liberty to people and reduce the overreaching government.

There were some of those people in Austin last legislation and they know who they want to join them to keep the conservative movement going. They know who they need to back them up to further advance this agenda of freedom. People like Representatives David Simpson and Jonathan Stickland who have endorsed TJ Fabby. They know who they need by their side joining the fight.

TJ Fabby is a (r)epublican and he places the principles individual liberty and self governance before they party. T.J. has sacrificed his own time and money working diligently to restore limited government. He has served the people of Ellis County voluntarily being a state and national delegate to Republican conventions, all while successfully running two small businesses. He has been repeatedly stabbed in the back by his fellow Republicans and still remains tall fighting against all that comes his way. We are at a pivotal point not only in Ellis/Henderson County, but in Texas. We need to make sure we are sending people who, like you, have had enough of big government. T.J. Fabby knows the tactics of big government and has ability and will power to fight back Ö he is passionate about it. Itís not just Ellis and Henderson County that needs TJ Fabby for our next State Representative, itís all of Texas. Vote for life, liberty, and property March 4. Vote for TJ Fabby.

Ashley Sellers,?