To the Editor,

As the mayor of the City of Red Oak, I have had many opportunities to work directly with Ellis County Judge Carol Bush on issues that affect our city and region. Ellis County is at a critical point in its history, where growth has become inevitable and strong, proactive leadership is required to insure the quality of that growth and to create strong employment prospects for our future.

I am writing because I would like to make it crystal clear that, as opposed to some suggestions in this election, Judge Bush has been an active, capable, and productive partner with us in bringing high quality employment to Ellis County. With the support, cooperation, and encouragement of Judge Bush and our commissioners court, we have successfully encouraged over 1,200 high quality jobs to locate in Red Oak. Those jobs would not be here today without the direct involvement and capable leadership of Judge Bush.

In my experience, Carol always takes a long-term view of what is best for Ellis County. She has a principled and ethical approach to her job and her decisions, sometimes flying in the face of the popular politics of the moment. As she has worked through decisions with me, her guiding principle is always “what is the right thing to do,” not what is most politically expedient. I appreciate and applaud that kind of leadership in our county government, and strongly endorse the re-election of Carol Bush as County Judge of Ellis County.

Mayor Alan Hugley

City of Red Oak