To the Editor,

I strongly urge you vote to keep Judge Calvert as the Judge of County Court at Law #2 of Ellis County.  I have been practicing law for close to 21 years now. I am a fourth generation Ellis County resident. In the past 21 years I have practiced in courts throughout the state of Texas. Judge Calvert ranks at the top of the list of judges that I have appeared in front of. He is firm, fair, and always applies the law to the case before him.  He does not legislate from the bench, he applies the law without favoritism or prejudice.  He does not play favorites and holds both the state of Texas and the defendant to the proper decorum and preparation needed in a court of law. He has been firm and stiff on his punishments for those that have been found guilty in his court or violated a term of probation. He was both a defense attorney and a prosecutor prior to taking the bench almost 11 years ago.  I have won trials in his Court and I have lost trials in his Court and I can say that regardless of the outcome, the law was applied fairly and firmly and that both sides were required to bring the upmost in professionalism and preparation to his court. That is just the type of justice Ellis County has had with Judge Gene Calvert and the same justice needs to continue.  

Judge Calvert is a true public servant on the bench. He has no agenda other than that which a judge is required to have, apply the law fairly, firmly and with justice in mind. He has always done that and will continue to do so.  Please vote for Judge A. Gene Calvert to keep him on the bench and allow this exemplary public servant and judge to continue his service to justice for all of us. Judge Calvert is a judge of strong character and a strong sense of justice. We need to keep him on the bench.

Mark D. Griffith,

Attorney and 4th Generation

Ellis County Resident