Back to School Tip #2


Start "packing" a lunch a few days a week before school begins.  Use the containers you will be sending to school.  Check to make sure your child can open the containers and prepackaged food is spill proof.  The fruit cups are hard to pull open without spilling juice all over.  Put  in a small pair of scissors and practice using them to open bags and more.


Have young children bring home all trash.  When children throw away half eaten food, or just dump the whole box at the end of lunch, food is often wasted and you don't really know how much lunch your child actually ate that day.  Teach your child to start with the protein, to help them make it through the day.  The packaged crackers/chips will last for after school, the sandwich will not.


Check to see how long it takes your child to eat.  Many schools lunch time is really 15-20 minutes when you take lines into account.


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