In a superb 2017 spring turkey hunting season where weekly reports are starting to sound like a broken record, more great turkey hunting action for mature gobblers was reported over the past week in various parts of Texas.

Sherman’s Jim Lillis ventured south to the Sonora area to the J.L. Bar ranch where he was able to work a Lamar Williams box call and a Cody slate call to help get a triple bearded gobbler tagged at a mere 15-yards.

Here in the Red River Valley, Kent Outdoors head guide Dakota Stowers said that the great hunting action continued at the Buck & Ducks Hunting Lodge near Bellevue, Texas.

So far this season, the turkey hunting for Stowers and his guides has been superb, some of the best that I’ve ever heard of in my time covering North Texas and southern Oklahoma outdoors.

That’s pretty much what was predicted before the season, but still you never know until the season unfolds.

Stowers indicates that his group of guides put clients on several more mature birds this past week, bringing the season tally to more than two-dozen mature gobblers being harvested.

Longbeards this past week include the season’s top gobbler so far, a double-bearded tom taken last weekend with two beards that had combined lengths measuring out to 20 3/4 inches.

What’s more, that boss bird had long spurs, limb hanging hooks that measured out at 1 5/8-inches each.

No matter where a hunter finds himself this spring, that’s a tremendous turkey and then some. In fact, I’ll have to do some checking, but that’s about as long a double-bearded gobbler as I’ve ever heard of here in the North Texas region.

At mid-week, Stowers reported more solid hunting with a client harvesting a Rio Grande bird that had an 11-inch beard and 1 1/4-inch spurs.

And just yesterday, as a powerful spring storm system and cold front prepares to roll through the region today, Stowers reported another great longbeard going down.

The Thursday gobbler had a bushy beard, good spurs and tipped the scales at 22-pounds, a top-end heavy Rio Grande bird here in North Texas for sure.

With a few more weeks of turkey hunting action remaining in the current season, expect the great hunting action to continue in one of the finest spring seasons that the region has experienced in some time.