The Alice Coyotes have picked a perfect time to begin clicking offensively.

That’s because Alice is facing an opponent in Miller which is capable of putting up big-time passing numbers and a lot of points. Coming into Friday’s game, Miller has averaged 34 a game when they’ve won. They averaged just 15 points a game in their two losses, and coming into the game against Alice, Miller has back-to-back losses to Veterans Memorial and Gregory-Portland.

That means if Miller is able to move the ball Friday night, Alice’s best defense might be their offense, and that fine for Alice coach Kyle Atwood, especially if his Coyotes can replicate the kind of success they had a week ago in a 27-7 win against Corpus Christi Ray.

Alice, who had struggled with offensive consistency before the Ray game, totaled 360 yards last week, most of which came by air. Senior quarterback Trey Jaramillo had his best night so far this season. He completed 10 of 24 passes for 212 yards. He connected with seven different receivers. He also carried the ball 17 times for a total of 16 yards and three touchdowns. He scored twice on one-yard runs and once from four yards out.

Alice receiver Devyn Orta certainly gave Alice a “big game” performance. The back-up quarterback-turned-receiver had a trio of impressive catches. His first went for a 39-yard touchdown in the first quarter and his other two provided the Coyotes with yardage and momentum later in the ball game. Orta ended the game with three catches for 101 yards. He is the first Alice receiver to finish with more than 100 yards in a game this season.

Orta was one of seven receivers to catch a pass in the game. R.J. Galvan had two catches for 43 yards and Alex Gonzales had two for 13 yards. Orlando Espinoza had one for 34.

Atwood said Alice’s offensive turnaround can be credited to simply believing in the team’s offensive game plan.

“I think that’s just a credit to us ‘repping’ the offense,” Atwood said. “We ran the same play multiple times, and Trey Jaramilllo was able to make some good reads and threw the ball well and our kids caught the ball well.”