With supply chain issues, local retailers encourage shopping local even more this year

Chris Roark
Waxahachie Daily Light
Jordan Molina said many of her products at Jordan E’s Popcorn and Candy Company are from local distributors, so the nationwide supply chain hasn't impacted her business as much as others.

Walking inside Jordan E’s Popcorn and Candy Company in downtown Waxahachie is like, well, being a kid in a candy store.

Shelves are lined with candy, popcorn, sodas and all kinds of sweets.

Shop owner Jordan Molina hopes her products draw in those with a sweet tooth this holiday season. After all, her company is fairly new and like everyone else is recovering after a rough year and a half.

Molina said this will be her company’s third holiday season. She said the company was open five months before COVID-19 hit.

“But we bounced back,” Molina said. “And we’re up and running strong.”

Now, businesses across the country are dealing with another obstacle this holiday season: A nationwide supply shortage, plagued in part by congestion at various ports and a shortage of truck drivers, has made it difficult for retailers to get certain products.

But as one social media post that has been circulating locally pointed out, the situation only makes shopping local that much more important.  

Some Waxahachie businesses, like Jordan E’s, aren’t impacted as much since they purchase their items in Texas. Molina said most of the products her shop sells were easy to find, such as popcorn, jellies and gourmet products. She said only the sodas and candy came from elsewhere and have been hard to get.

“We went with local products or providers who get their products locally, so we didn’t have many delays in the shipping,” Molina said.

But other companies say the shipping issue has impacted them, which makes shopping local important for a whole other reason.

Kirsti Brown, who owns The Briarpatch Boutique, said she has experienced multiple delays in receiving shipments, as very few of her inventory are local products.

“We’ve been getting sporadic shipments,” Brown said. “That creates a problem because we don’t know what we have. Usually we get things in by June or July to see what we have and order more if we need to.”

Brown said she has a few items that are from local distributors, such as candles, but even those have not arrived on time.

In addition, Brown said, there is also a financial cost to the shipment issues.

“We’re paying a surcharge on top of the shipping fee to offset what the companies’ shipping charges,” Brown said. “This has been a very strange year.”

Brown said certain items she has ordered likely won’t be in until the spring.

“It’s not the company’s fault, and it’s not our fault,” Brown said. “They’re just sitting out on the ocean.”

Despite the shipping challenges, The Briarpatch Boutique is still stocked with items, and Brown hopes people remember to support her company and others in Waxahachie this holiday season.

“Waxahachie has everything now, so there’s no need to go anywhere else,” Brown said.