‘It can happen to anybody’

COVID-19 takes the life of a Midothian husband and father of five children

Bill Spinks
Midlothian Mirror

A 35-year-old Army war veteran from Midlothian with no underlying health conditions died of COVID-19 recently after a four-week battle with the virus, leaving behind his wife and five children just before Christmas.

Now, Jennifer Law is speaking out, warning local television stations that the same thing that happened to her late husband could happen to anyone.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for the family of Matthew Law, who died Nov. 28. As of Monday, a total of $77,801 out of an $85,000 goal had already been raised from 714 donors in an outpouring of support for the widowed family. The page is located at https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-the-laws .

“No words can begin to describe the agony and the pain and just the trauma of it all,” Jennifer Law told KXAS-TV. “To experience heartache like that truly hurts physically. I can’t imagine anybody having to go through this, I would never want that for anyone.”

A visitation was held last Thursday, Dec. 3, at Pat Boze Memorial Chapel of Wayne Boze Funeral Home in Waxahachie, with a Celebration of Life on Friday at Faith Bible Church in DeSoto.

Jennifer Law said her husband lived an active life and had no comorbidities. Matthew Law joined the Army and underwent basic training between his junior and senior years of high school, and served two tours of duty in Iraq.

“Thirty-five years old, healthy, zero underlying health conditions, two tours in Iraq and this is what caused his death,” Jennifer told KXAS. “This shouldn’t have ever happened to him, but it can happen to anybody. Literally anybody.”

Jennifer said Matthew first came down with a fever on Halloween and tested positive for COVID-19 that same day. His symptoms were mild at first, but steadily worsened as the virus spread throughout his lungs. On Nov. 9, he was admitted to a local hospital and placed in the intensive care unit. His condition stabilized for a time after being given Remdesivir and other treatments, but on Nov. 27, the day after Thanksgiving, he was placed on a ventilator and he passed the following day.

“The pain of losing a spouse is indescribable,” Jennifer told KDFW-TV. “I cry in the shower and then think, ‘OK, Jennifer. You have five kids. Get it together.’”

Jennifer said she and some of her children also tested positive for COVID-19, but their symptoms were milder.

According to his obituary, Matthew Law grew up in and around Ellis County and graduated from Ovilla Christian School in 2004. He and Jennifer, his high school sweetheart, married in 2008 and had five children, Hayden, Parker, Hudson, Preston, and Penelope, who range in age from one to 11.

“Matthew loved children, both his own, and those of friends and family,” his obituary says. “Matthew was a loyal friend and was always willing to lend a hand. He would help you move, fix your car, just listen, or if needed, provide the biggest, warmest, bear hug! Matthew was quick to forgive, had an openness that made everyone feel welcome, and a sense of enjoying every moment.”