MISD Place 3 candidate questionnaire: Symphony Lowe

Midlothian ISD candidate Symphony Lowe answers questions for the May 1 election

Mirror report
Symphony Lowe

Name: Symphony Lowe

Current profession: Franchisee Engagement

Elected office sought: Midlothian ISD School Board Place 3

Previous Political Experience: None

Family: I am the proud Mom of two boys. One graduated from MHS in 2019 and one is a current Sophomore. Go Panthers!


Why are you seeking this office?

I’m running for school board because I want to serve every student in Midlothian to ensure they receive the best education and experience our district can provide whether they are in the top or bottom percentile. I also want to empower our teachers to make sure that every teacher and staff member is equipped with the tools and resources they need to let their expertise shine. Finally, I want to engage parents. Every parent and community member should know they have a place to engage in the direction of our district. If we do this right and stay innovative and are forward-thinking in our decisions, I believe Midlothian will be the premier district in the metroplex where families will want to live, work, and play.

What distinguishes you from other candidates for this office?

I have lived in Midlothian for nearly 2 decades. I know where we have been and I’m excited about where we are going. I want to ensure that we maintain our traditions while creating new ones with our growing city. I am the best candidate because I bring two unique perspectives to this seat. One is the perspective of a person who has built a professional career around community education initiatives that bring citizens together to make communities a better place to live, work and play. I believe I am equipped to ensure the board stays focused on moving the needle at the highest level while thoughtfully engaging our community to ensure we are serving the district in a way that all of Midlothian can be proud of. I will remain student focused and not be afraid to lead. I will collaborate with my fellow trustees to ensure that each student feels that they belong in MISD.

 What do you consider the key issues of this election?

I believe the key issue for voters in this election is electing an individual they can trust to be transparent, collaborative and student focused. We are in a time where there are so many issues facing our district, it is critical that the MISD School Board stay focused on moving the mark for our district at the highest levels and empower our leaders around the district to exercise their expertise without the board getting in the way of their success on the ground. It will take every single member of the board setting all personal agendas and biases aside to ensure we can stay focused on what is best for every child and every family in Midlothian. You have my commitment to do just that and I look forward to the opportunity to serve every student, empower every teacher and engage all parents and community members to make MISD the premier district in the Metroplex.

What are the greatest challenges facing the district and how do you plan to address those challenges if elected?

 We are facing many challenges, Both hyper local issues like the growth of our community and national issues that we are trying to reconcile here in Midlothian like the impact of COVID19 on our children’s education. I am committed to working as a Trustee to foster a culture of trust, transparency, innovation and collaboration amongst the board and throughout the community so we can effectively and efficiently tackle these enormous challenges together. I will prioritize empowering experts at every level with the goal of ensuring our leaders district wide have every resource they need to serve the unique needs of our students and teachers while also utilizing their expertise as our district takes on the next iteration of our strategic plan. More specifically to the immediate challenge of COVID19, I believe we must act swiftly to ensure we minimize the COVID slide here in Midlothian. Knowing that some of our students are still virtual and many students are recovering from COVID learning loss, I think we can take 3 immediate steps to help us move forward. I would first host focus groups with parents across the district to hear their concerns regarding sending their kids back to school. I would also empower our campus experts to share our safety protocols to ultimately work towards a solution that best serves each student and their families. Finally, I’d work with my fellow Board Trustees to host a workshop to hear campus staff’s ideas about getting our students up-to-speed as quickly as we can.  I would also request that the district provide transparent data and updates on decision making related to COVID so parents, students and teachers are equipped to make the best decisions for themselves and for their families moving forward. 

What do you most want to make sure voters know about you?

As a proud Midlothian resident of 17 years I am invested in our community and so thankful my own boys have had the incredible experience of coming through MISD. We have so many reasons to be proud of our district and I humbly look forward to fostering the next chapter of greatness. I believe that as our community grows we must never lose sight of the roots that make so many of us proud to call Midlothian home  but also welcome the opportunity to serve every student that will be so fortunate to come through our district both now and in the future. You have my sincere commitment to show up every day ready to listen, ready to learn and ready to serve each and every citizen in Midlothian to the best of my ability. I will remain student focused and collaborate with my fellow trustees to ensure that every student is set up for success no matter what path they may choose.

To learn more about me, please visit my website – symphonylowe.com.

I am asking for your prayers, support and your vote on May 1st. I look forward to partnering with you as your next School Board Trustee in Place 3.