City Council approves 5-year water and wastewater rate plan

Water rates won’t change, but wastewater service will see slight increase

Mirror report
The city of Midlothian water tower silhouetted against a sunset sky in this photo from the city's 2020 Photo Contest.

The Midlothian City Council adopted a water and wastewater study Tuesday night, Aug. 10, that will affect rates for Midlothian customers for the next five years.

As a result, retail residential and commercial water customers will see no increase through 2025.  However, wastewater (sewer) base and volume rates for retail residential and commercial customers will increase beginning in October 2021.

Beginning in October 2021, residential customers will see an approximately 5-percent increase in the base rate for sewer and an approximate 4-percent increase in the volume rate for sewer. Commercial customers will see a 5-percent increase in the sewer rate. 

The overall objective of a long-term rate plan is to enable the city to fund its utility operations.  Revenues raised from water and sewer charges to customers are invested 100 percent into covering operating and capital costs. In order to minimize the impact to the customer, the rate adjustments are phased in over a five-year period. 

The new five-year rate schedule can be viewed at