Harrison marks pro-life achievement

Texas House District 10 rep speaks at U.S. Capitol on one-year anniversary of Geneva Consensus Declaration

Staff report
Brian Harrison

Texas House District 10 Rep. Brian Harrison (R-Midlothian) spoke last Thursday, Oct. 29, in the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. at the one-year commemoration of the Geneva Consensus Declaration (GCD), a pro-life coalition of 36 countries, representing over 1.6 billion people, recognizing the human rights of women and the inherent right to life for all.  

Harrison was joined in speaking by pro-life leaders including Sen. James Lankford, Sen. Mike Braun, multiple Members of Congress including Texas Rep. Louis Gohmert, and Ambassadors from many nations.  

“I am proud to have played an instrumental role during the Trump Administration in launching the Geneva Consensus Declaration, the most historic pro-life initiative on the international stage in history,” Harrison said. “And I’m thankful for the tireless work of my former colleague, Valerie Huber, and the Institute for Women’s Health’s work to maintain this progress.”

“There would not have been a GCD signing ceremony last year were it not for Representative Brian Harrison,” added Valerie Huber, Trump’s U.S. Special Representative for Global Women's Health.

For decades, an international campaign made incremental success and gained momentum to diminish the critical role of the family as foundational to society and to declare abortion a universal human right - pressuring pro-life and pro-family countries to change their laws, with the threat of losing foreign assistance if they failed to comply.

In 2020, the U.S., working with the regional cosponsors of Brazil, Egypt, Hungary, Indonesia, and Uganda, created the GCD, a first-ever strategic international coalition representing every region of the world to thwart this hostile campaign.

This coalition was cited as a major accomplishment by pro-life and pro-family organizations and the mainstream media. Former HHS Secretary, Alex Azar declared the GCD to be “without contest, the most significant international commitment made in the history of the pro-life movement…that forever changed the international profile of support for life.”

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