MISD Place 7 candidate questionnaire: Taya Kyle

Mirror report

Name: Taya Kyle

Current profession: Author, Entrepreneur, President of Taya and Chris Kyle Foundation – Service Family Strong

Elected office sought: MISD School Board, Place 7 

Previous political experience: No community or state offices held previously 

Family: Widow with children


Why are you seeking this office? I believe our children will be best served with a change in leadership on the school board. Humility, honesty and integrity are key qualities needed in ALL board members to ensure we serve our community to the best of our ability.

What distinguishes you from other candidates for this office? Humility, honesty, integrity, and the ability to respectfully work with others of differing perspectives while building bridges of communication as we work toward our common goal of giving our youth the best educational experience possible.

What do you consider the key issues of this election?  As our community grows, we need to maintain focus on values while never losing sight of ensuring ALL families feel welcomed and cared for in Midlothian.

What are the greatest challenges facing the district and how do you plan to address those challenges, if elected? The city of Midlothian is at a pivotal time where we need to decide if we want the dirty politics to seep into our community, or if we will choose to vote for character and respectful dialogue as we set the stage for our youth to see what is possible as they walk into adulthood setting the stage for the next generation. There will be a ripple effect of whichever we decide.

What do you most want to make sure voters know about you?  My goal is to be a friend to this community where people know they will receive respectful communication based more on listening than talking and an ever-present desire to build bridges of understanding and communication between adults who want the very best for all of our students.