City Council Place 6 candidate questionnaire: Hud Hartson

Bill Spinks
Midlothian Mirror

Name: Hud Hartson

Current profession: Dallas Police Officer

Political Party: Conservative

Elected office sought: Midlothian City Council, Place 6

Previous political experience: None

Family: Wife: Trudy, Sons: Triston and Trent, Daughter: Taylor


Why are you seeking this office? I love my hometown of Midlothian and want to see to it that its future is as great as its past. Our next city council will have to make many big decisions that will impact our city for decades as we continue to grow. I felt it was paramount that our city has a person fill Place 6 that has a vision for its future and who can bridge Midlothian’s past with its future in a fiscally responsible manner.

What distinguishes you from the other candidate for this office? I’m have over 14 years of proven servant leadership. I currently have a relationship with all the city council, the city staff as well as most of the school board. I attend every city council meeting, many other board meetings, school board meetings and city workshops as well as the joint city council/school board meetings. Having spent over 40 years living in Midlothian, I know where we came from, have relationships with community leaders and have made it a point to be welcoming to new city residents over the years. My opponent is very new to the city and thus doesn’t have an adequate feel for our long history that is needed to carry us into this period of growth. I have the business experience required to understand our cities complex and ever-changing budget.

What do you consider the key issues of this election? The key issues of this election are how do we keep the taxes as low as possible, who has the business experience and who has a proven track record of leadership and public service that can bridge our towns past with its future. I would bring a unique set of tools to help balance out our current city council. 2020 has proven that cities need to have leadership capable of helping its police department and city staff keep its citizens safe in these troubling times.

What are the greatest challenges facing the city and how do you plan to address those challenges, if elected? The greatest challenges facing the city are how to keep the taxes as low as possible in a period of growth, how to stay ahead of the growths affect on its streets and how to keep our small town feel as we grow. The city currently has a good plan in place to stay ahead of the need for more and wider streets, but we need to work more with TxDot on the roads they control in our town to get ahead of traffic congestion. We must also fight to protect our towns historical buildings and downtown buildings and businesses. A city that doesn’t do this loses its identity and historical feel for its past.

What do you most want to make sure voters know about you? I have a proven track record as a former small business owner here in Midlothian and as a public servant in Dallas. I gave up my business to help defend our great nation from terrorism in 2012. I spent about 60-70% of the last 8 years fighting the war on terrorism in Afghanistan, Iraq and Northern Africa while working for the United States Government. I’m not a politician. I’m a public servant and as such will continue what I’ve been doing in my campaign by making myself available to the public and being involved in city events. I believe in charitable giving and am currently a member of the Heroes of Midlothian Foundation, a lifetime member of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, am a advisory board member to the Assist The Officer Foundation, a life long member of First Baptist Church of Dallas, have given to local charities here in town for years and have pledged to give the $50 per meeting the city pays to councilmen to local charities if elected. I’m from this town, have chosen to stay here and have no plans of ever moving away. I’d truly appreciate your support and vote in this election. You can find out more about myself and my platform by search Facebook for “Elect Hud Hartson for Midlothian City Council, Place 6”. Thank you.