Daniel: A choice between Texas values or broken Washington

Staff Writer
Midlothian Mirror
Stephen Daniel

This year has been a challenging year for everyone in Ellis County. Whether you’re an educator, a child in school, a family trying to piece together paying the bills, or someone struggling to keep a business afloat, getting through this year truly toughens your resolve. Growing up helping my dad at a landfill, I thought I knew hard work until I spent this year supporting my children through school from home, keeping my small business going, and running for Congress.

When I decided to run to represent you in Congress, I certainly did not anticipate all of the historic challenges we would see this year. I did, however, know of the broken partisanship in Washington, and I’m running because it’s time for independent leaders who will put people over party politics.

Our representatives have lost touch with what families in our area are going through and refuse to find solutions to what keeps us all up at night. I have close family members and friends who struggle to pay for basic necessities. I know many people who pay more for their monthly health insurance premium than they do for their monthly mortgage, and that should strike any person as wrong. Change needs to come from the top. Everyone deserves access to quality healthcare and life-saving medicine without breaking the bank. If elected, I will protect coverage for those with pre-existing conditions and fight for lower prescription drug prices for everyone.

Washington is broken because too many politicians like my opponent, Ron Wright, care more about loyalty to their party than working for the people they were elected to represent. Instead, he has been a yes-man for leaders in Washington, including when he voted against protecting health care for Texans with pre-existing conditions, voted against lowering prescription drug prices, and supported his party’s health care plan that would raise premiums. We need common-sense solutions, not partisan extremism and yes-men.

We also need a representative who will fight for every community in our district. Currently, there is no office in Ellis County. If elected, I promise to have an office in Waxahachie so residents don’t have to drive up to Arlington. I will be a fighter for rural Texans because that’s who I am. I grew up in the country and North Texas values are my values.

Living in Maypearl and building a career in Waxahachie, I’m no stranger to compromise and consensus. To deliver for our district, I will need to work independently. If elected, I promise to work with anyone who has good ideas, regardless of party lines, to deliver results to my fellow Texans. I will not let extremism and partisanship get in the way of good judgment.

The only way to move forward into the next, better year will be to work together with the resolve common to all of us here in North Texas. It takes toughness to push through and fight for your neighbors, but when you grow up here tough is just part of who you are.

Stephen Daniel is a lawyer and small business owner in Waxahachie and is running to represent Texas’ 6th Congressional District. You can reach him at stephen@stephendaniel.com.