Letter: Support for Carra

Midlothian Mirror

As a newer resident of Midlothian it is clear that Tiffany Carra is the right choice for Midlothian City Council Place 6. Tiffany has continually championed transparency in city government, if it were not for her grassroots efforts meetings being livestreamed and recorded might not be a reality in Midlothian.  

Tiffany is a former member of Art's campaign team, she is clearly committed to asking, "What Would Art Do?" In my opinion this makes her the best choice to finish out his unexpired term. In addition, to these qualifications, Tiffany has been an active participant in city politics and community functions.

I respect that she is working hard to make our community a better place for our children and future. When I have a question about how to navigate in the City of Midlothian I call Tiffany. She is ready to hit the ground running, to serve our community.  I will be voting for Tiffany for Midlothian City Council Place 6, I ask that you do the same.

Mike Meiser/Midlothian