Letter: In favor of bond package

Midlothian Mirror

In my podcasts on Christian Economics, I rail against high taxes and centralized federal government.  So why do I support the Midlothian Bond Package?

1.       It won’t raise taxes.  The bonds will be paid by the existing tax base.  When you took a mortgage to buy your house, that did not require an increase in your income.  You paid off the mortgage with your future income flows, just like the city pays off bonds.

2.       Local control.  By a strange coincidence, I contacted three city department directors today about different issues.  I got answers in an hour.  One city official showed up at my house two hours after contacting him.  Our city managers are close and accessible.  Try that with a federal government official.   The items in the bond issue were planned by you and your fellow Midlothian residents, not some faceless bureaucrat in DC.

3.       Investment.   When a federal official calls something an “investment,” hold onto your wallet.  But building a new Midlothian City Hall directly effects your house value. 

4.       Future.  As they raised the water tank on the new water tower on Skinner Rd last week, I rushed the grandkids into the car and we went and watched it.  I said to my grandkids, “This water tower will be here 60 years from now.”  City Hall will be here 120 years from now.

Ask the people in Plano and Mansfield, they will tell you, “You can only build a city once, and then you have to live with it forever.”  Midlothian is being built, right in front of our eyes.  Let’s build a city our grandkids can be proud of. 

Dave Arnott/MIdlothian